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Happy Anniversary to Me:)


Today the House of Lanyards is 6 months old :-). In celebration I have decided to start a blog.

I am not an influencer, writer or experienced blogger. I am just a nurse who has started a small business focusing on keeping people who have to wear a lanyard as safe as possible. Please forgive my writing style and grammar.

On the 14th June 2021 the first 3 point Safety Breakaway Lanyard was sold from my GoodmanMakes Etsy page.

The first safety breakaway lanyard I sold was, drum roll please........ the Orange white Flower Fabric.

It is still one of my most popular lanyards.

On the 23rd October 2021 I decided I wanted a name that described what I sold. The name came about after realising that my house was actually full of Lanyards in various states of creation. So the name (the) House of Lanyards was born.

In this first 6 months I have sold to 60 counties in the UK and 6 States in the USA. This is so amazing and all within the first 6 months. It is soooooo good to know you are thinking of your safety, or the safety of others if you have bought one as a present.

Thank you for making this happen.

So, What next? Well, I have great plans, but first we need a logo.

My design team, aka my youngest son and his girlfriend, are in the process of creating logo's. You see, I created a competition between them to see who could come up with the best logo. Naturally there will be a prize for the winner. If they are smart they will work together and share the prize!!!

All the logo's will be presented to me on Christmas Eve, via my hubby so I don't know who created what. I will then chose and announce the winner on Christmas day.

Watch this space for the results.........

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