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ADD ON ITEM Lanyard loop for Glasses or Pen

ADD ON ITEM Lanyard loop for Glasses or Pen

This is an ADD ON ITEM for one loop on a lanyard. *Please note: This item can not be purchased on its own. It can only be added to any style of Lanyard, 1, 3 or 5 point.

This item cannot be used with the pre-made rescued fabric or tie-dyed lanyards.

Do you often put your glasses or pen down and forget where you left them (or if you work in healthcare someone has probably 'borrowed your pen')? Why not add a loop to your Lanyard. You can choose either left or right side. Constantly losing both your glasses AND pen why not order your lanyard with 2 loops (one each side).

While the Loops will be in the same fabric as the lanyard, the pattern placement on the loop may not exactly match the lanyard.

To order: 1. Add your lanyard to the basket2. Add your loop(s) to the basket

If you order more then one lanyard and want a loop I will assume you want one loop on each lanyard, please message me if you need anything different.

Please note glasses and pen are NOT included, They are for display purposes only.

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