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Here at the House of Lanyards we celebrate being different 

Do you yearn to be different? Do you want to express your individuality while remaining safe?


Then these Lanyards are for you.

Individually made to order in a stunning range of high-quality fabrics, these 1, 3 & 5 point lanyards are great for your work ID and super stylish enough to wear with any outfit both in and out of work.  Safety Breakaway Lanyards provide you with the security of either 1, 3 or 5 breakaway points on the Lanyard should it get ripped from your neck, grabbed hold of or caught on something if you slip, trip or fall.

We do things differently at the House of Lanyards. Discover the endless possibilities of custom lanyards.  From stylish and functional designs to unmatched quality, elevate your individuality with our curated collections. Stay tuned for the ultimate lanyard experience!

Fabric Ranges Currently Available

Sewing Equipments

What makes us different? 

  • We take pride in the details. Handcrafting each one to ensure that the thread complements the fabric, that stress points are double stitched and the fabric is of the highest quality to ensure a comfortable wear.

  • Quality fabric allows for regular washing.

  • We provide for those who want to express individuality and uniqueness, whilst remaining safe in the work place. 

  • We create conversation starters: "Wow! I love your lanyard"

  • We want your lanyard to join you on your journey, creating memories both personal and professional.

  • We offer Bespoke Lanyards to meet your needs. 

  • We ensure our lanyards are as hard-working as you. For you to know that whenever, wherever, IF-ever it needs to do its job it does not let you down. 

  • We support other small independent enterprises, by purchasing local wherever possible

Vision for 2024

We introduced our new sustainable collection in 2023 with organic cotton and tie-dye designs. 


Our vision for 2024 is bursting  with colour, fresh new fabrics and opportunity for you to express your personal individuality by adding a little glamour through your lanyard.


Watch this space for your perfect print for your 2024 lanyard.  

Tailoring Workshop